Started in 2016, Morden's Cultural and Educational Centre 'Leader' (CECL) holds programming for a variety of ages in Russian, teaching students about a variety of topics including nature, letters and numbers, according to CECL representative Galina Churikova. 

Saturday, parents, grandparents and community members gathered at 500 Stephen Street Community Centre for an Ecology Day Program. 

"The event is called, 'Ecology Day - Let's save our planet together.' Our kids performed a dance, told some poems, and we had a fashion show. All costumes were designed by students, with the help of their parents, and they were all recyclable. For me, it's an important event because we should teach our kids from the youngest age about ecology and about our environment." 

Very elaborate costumes made of a variation of recyclable materials such as cardboard, newspaper, plastic bags and aluminum cans were displayed through the Eco-Friendly Fashion Show. 

Morden's Cultural and Educational Centre students and teachersMorden's Cultural and Educational Centre students and teachers

Churikova thanked the parents for their support of their children. 

"We are very glad the parents are so open for this event. They did so much work, they helped a lot, and they created these awesome costumes." 

Children recited poems in Russian, performed a dance, played a recycling sorting game, followed by the Fashion Show. Learn more about Morden's Cultural and Educational Centre 'Leader' on the website.