A social media post caught the eye of Pembina Valley Online and many other people as the region experienced its first taste of winter.  

A picture of newcomer students at École Morden Middle School standing by the sign in front of the school with the caption, "The first EVER snowfall for this group of Blazers!" reminded many who brace themselves for one more cold, snowy winter, for some, this is a new and exciting experience for many. 

Vice Principal Jordan Pauls explained why they took a picture. 

"We just thought it'd be something fun to do to bring all of our new Canadians down that are experiencing snow for the first time for a photo. It's just a bit of good news and something that I think lots of people appreciated. The students are all really excited to get out there and experience the snow for the first time so there's lots of smiling faces. Just looking at the picture highlights our growth as a school and the diversity we have in our community and in the halls here at EMMS." 

Ariana is a grade seven student who arrived in Canada on September tenth. She and her sister, Izabel, a grade five student, shared their experience. 

Ariana and Izabel playing in the snowAriana and Izabel love the snow!

Ariana explained they are from Amenia a place that doesn't have the same kind of winter as Canada.  

"It's actually in the Middle East, so we didn't have much experience with snow because it was usually just snow slash rain. It was really, really like a fairy tale to see a lot of snow here."   

She added it is very different than what they are used to, "For us, it's pretty cold. It's a lot colder for October because in October we usually had really warm, really pretty autumn. So, it's really unusual for us, but it's also really good."   

Izabel agreed, she couldn't wait to see the snow.  

"I was really excited. I really like snow. Also, when I saw the snow, it was really beautiful, and I decided to play with the snow and my friends."  

Ariana described what she likes to do in the snow. 

"I really like to run in the snow. When the snow comes to my face it's really refreshing. It's like a fairy tale come true."   

Izabel recalled she was in class when the first snowflakes started to fall this week. 

"I felt really excited. I I just wanted to go outside and play, but it was still not recess. When it was recess. I just got my friends, and some snowflakes were falling on us and it was really fun." 


Pauls described what for many students is their favourite time of the day - recess.  

"Lots of smiling faces outside at recess the last few days. Lots of snow forts and snowballs and snow hills and lots of fun and lots of joy. It's all the good parts about being a kid, that first snowfall, and especially with some of those that are experiencing it for the first time." 

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