The role faith can play in a pandemic situation was discussed last night at an information meeting at Emmanuel Mennonite Church in Winkler.


Pam Driedger is the Director of Spiritual Care at Eden Mental Health Centre in Winkler, and spoke at the event.

She says faith groups can prepare ahead of time, keeping in mind there's the potential for a significant portion of the population to be sick at one time.

This could mean a reduction in services for those who need them most.

She notes this is where faith communities can step in, and ensure those on the fringes of society are cared for.

Driedger adds the faith community is particularly important in these types of situations for the psycho-social support it can provide.

Winkler doctors Don Klassen and Cornie Woelk also spoke at the event.


~ Wednesday, September 23rd 2009 ~