This week's crop report from Manitoba Agriculture shows 64 per cent of the provincial crop is now off despite some scattered showers last week.

Precipitation was varied with rainfall totals ranging from 0 mm to 16.5 mm.

Most of the rain fell in the Southwest with Alexander receiving the most precipitation.

Dennis Lange puts together the weekly report and says other than delaying harvest activities the rain doesn't seem to be impacting crop quality with most crops in fair to mostly good condition.

Provincially, the winter cereals and field pea harvest has wrapped up, 95 per cent of the barley and oats are in and 93 per cent of the spring wheat has been harvested.

A lot of the corn fields are now at that R6 growth stage and are drying down, the canola harvest is now 55 per cent complete, while 40 per cent of the flax is in the bin.

Lange says the soybean harvest is just getting underway in some areas with 21 percent of the provincial crop in and dessication underway.

Meantime, the dry bean harvest is about 72 per cent complete.