The final CFAM Meals in the Field took place at Rod Pokrant's farm north of Rosenfeld.

The last 5 large Pizza Haven pizzas were delivered to the 5 generation farm on Friday where a hub of activity had people eating in shifts.

With a late harvest, there's a lot to do in a little amount of time.  Rod's family gathered in the shed as his brother, Barry and son  were out at the grain bins loading canola into the trucks headed to Bunge in Altona.  

The meal was sponsored by Valley Fiber (VF) and VF Marketing Project Coordinator Tyson Deceuninck got a full view of farm life with chickens, a friendly farm pooch, and the next generation of children all in close proximety of the action taking place in the yard.  Meals are often delayed to take care of the immediate on a farm and Friday was no different, making the time together more special with thought of leftover's for supper making life a bit easier for the ladies who are usually responsible for feeding the crew.

Farm reporter Cory Knutt stood by the field of ripening beans to talk with Rod about the history of the farm and get a sense of how harvest is going.