Flatlands Theater Company is ready to bring to the stage at the P.W. Enns Centennial Concert Hall, Anne of the Island, an original tail that takes from the third book in the Anne of Green Gables story. Jeanette Hoeppner, the Artistic Director for Flatlands, and Ezra Reimer, who will be playing the role of Gilbert Blythe, joined the Morning Shows to chat about the play, the originality to it, and getting excited for live crowds in the theatre again!

There is also an opportunity to pick up some unique items from Anne of Green Gables and the East Coast with a raffle happening after every show, and Mulligans Restaurant and Lounge is joining in on the fun with a weekend feature that highlights grilled seafood and potato hodge-podge dinner! A Maritime tradition!

Anne of the Island

Jeanette Hoeppner talks with Daemon about Anne of the Island, an original production for Flatlands Theatre!
Ezra Reimer talks about how this is his first lead role and how he's excited to perform in front of a crowd!
Details on the performances and a special collaboration with a local business!
Jeanette Hoeppner and Ezra Reimer on the Eagle Morning Show!