Several million dollars in flood repairs are now complete on the Border Road, east of Gretna. 
High water events in 2021 and 2022 caused considerable damage to the southern slope of the road, explained Don Wiebe, Reeve for the Municipality of Rhineland. Last Fall, Council approved the tender submitted by Diamond Construction and Gravel. 

"It happened to be an ideal year to do this kind of work," he added. "The mild weather just made this totally possible."

Dirt was removed from a stretch of the road's southern slope and replaced with the rubble. 

"We had done a little piece earlier, it was a problem spot, and it was filled with rubble, and it was braced against the road, and it turned out very well," noted Wiebe. "We're quite optimistic at the reports of the number and size of the stone that was in use in this will secure that from the wind and the wave action."

Because of the existing international agreements, the level of the road was not raised.