After a lengthy search, a new Student Services Coordinator has been hired for the Border Land School Divivion.

Franklin Rempel began his teaching career as a classroom teacher at W.C. Miller Collegiate in 2010 where he taught in the areas of Social Studies and English. In 2016, Rempel shifted into the role of Resource Teacher. In this role, he has taken the lead in supporting inclusive education, planning with students and their families, and has worked with Manitoba Education in EAL.

In a news release, the Division stated that Rempel is passionate about working from a strength-based approach to support inclusive learning environments for all students. He believes in and practices effective communication and listening to understand when different perspectives are shared. Rempel collaborates to find solutions that are student centered, and brings a strong work ethic, dedication to building strong relationships with the school community and a commitment to continued learning to this position.

Rempel starts his new role February 6, 2023.