There is no change in leadership around the Western School Division board table this year. Brian Fransen has returned as Chairman and Steve Klassen is back as Vice Chair.
Fransen feels this consistency is a testament to the collaborative work that's already been happening in the division.

"We have a lot of things on our plate for the next year," he said and noted 2017/18 is the last year in this particular board's term before the 2018 election. "We are hoping that we can do some good things with the growth coming in. Making sure we can focus the energy on getting the resources we need, get the space that we need."

Fransen added that student achievement will also be a priority in the new school year.

"Focusing on the results that are coming back from the classrooms and looking at where we have the really good things that are happening...taking some of the stuff that's working and look in some of the areas where we do have some room for improvement."

He noted that trustees will also be working towards a policy governance model for the Board.