Grade 9 students from Northlands Parkway Collegiate (NPC) in Winkler hosted a special event on Tuesday. The school hosted its annual Grandparents supper in the Commons Area, with roughly 100 people enjoying the late afternoon dinner.

Open to Grade 9 students, and their grandparents, NPC Principal Tammy MacDonald says they hold the event to showcase to the community some of the positive things happening at the school.

Prepared by the school's Culinary Arts and Baking students, MacDonald shared the evening's supper included roast pork, Rosemary potatoes, a vegetable and apple pie for dessert.

"I'd also like to thank all of the staff who helped make this happen because it wouldn't happen without people volunteering their time," added MacDonald.

"Oh, it's awesome being a grandparent," said Richard Krahn who was brought to the dinner with his two grandchildren Megan and Jordan. "You get to do all kinds of neat stuff. You get to spoil them and then have them go to their parents is what you do. But, no more than that. I mean, I do a lot of stuff with them, attending sporting events. Megan has basketball this year, and Jordan it was hockey. And then in summer, we hit a little white ball called the golf ball and enjoy that."

What he's learned from his grandpa, is to support other people, noted Jordan.

"He always is there to support us at sporting events, as he said, and it always makes us feel very special."

Megan added their grandpa also brings skipping ropes over, and they do 'double dutch' together, a memory she cherishes.

Ruby was with her grandparents, Marlene and Marvin.

"They are very loving and caring grandparents and I love spending time with them," said Ruby. "Grandpa taught me how to golf, he was part of that...I would come over to their house for the night a lot, and we would spend a lot of time at their cabin."