The much anticipated front yard project at Winkler's Garden Valley Collegiate is underway.
GVC Principal Carrie Friesen said initially construction was to begin a month ago, but due to a small hiccup, it only commenced at the start of this month.

"But we are going now, and pretty excited to have the project started considering the delay," said Friesen. "We may find not all the project will likely get done in time, but we are excited that it's initially getting going and that the vision that we had for the project will be exactly as we still intended it to be." 

The front lawn at GVC

Although reluctant to give a project completion date, Friesen says she's very excited it's finally underway.

"We're just really, really excited about making this a community partnership and really welcoming the community to use this wonderful green space, especially that we're on Main Street," added Friesen." 

Friesen says progress will also depend on continued fundraising. She notes they're still taking in donations from the community, and applying for grants.

The pathway is starting to get carved out.The pathway is starting to get carved out.


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