Harv Schroeder feels he has what it takes to be the next Mayor of Altona. The one-term councillor has declared his intentions to run for the job in October's municipal election. 

"Initially, when Mayor (Al) Friesen stopped by to give me the heads up he would not be running this fall, I was not thinking I would put my name in as candidate," he admitted. However, upon further reflection and conversations with others, Schroeder says he decided to go for it.

Currently a councillor for the Town, Schroeder also spent 30 years working for the community's public works department. Additionally, Schroeder feels his work on various local committees and boards offers him the experience needed to take on the Mayor's role. The list includes serving on the RPGA planning committee, the Altona Police Board, the Altona Clinic Board of Directors, the newly formed Pembina Valley Watershed District board, and his regular attendance at the Red River Basin Commission - South Chapter meetings.

"Having thirty years of working with public works for the Town, and four years on Council, I feel has given me the experience to take this to the next step and run for Mayor, which will be another new learning curve for me," he explained.

If elected, Schroeder plans to advance initiatives council has spearheaded in the last four years such as infrastructure, the new industrial park, improved sidewalks and trails, the Town's recent membership to the Pembina Valley Watershed District, and to advocate for a strong local healthcare system. Childcare opportunities are also on his radar.

"Even though childcare is a Provincial Government matter, we know that we need more childcare in our community, and I'll do what I can to support our childcare centre," said Schroeder.

"I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve this community, and if elected Mayor, I will continue to do my best for our community," he added.