Cereals Canada is applauding Health Canada for publishing the new guidance for Novel Food Regulations focused on plant breeding innovation.

“Plant breeding is critical in the continued success of the grain sector in Canada,” said Dean Dias, Chief Executive Officer of Cereals Canada. “Our agriculture industry relies on science to drive sustainability forward, add new varieties to help the value chain be profitable and provide consistent high-quality grains for our domestic and international customers.”

Canada’s cereals sector leads the country’s agriculture exports with annual exports averaging $8.5 billion CDN dollars to over 70 countries.

“The alignment of the new guidelines and regulations on plant breeding is critical with our trading partners who look to a scientific, risk-based approach,” added Dias. “This allows Canada and our farmers to remain competitive with the rest of the world.”

In a news release, Cereals Canada stated that last year farmers were challenged to produce a high-yield crop under drought conditions. The quality and consistency of Canadian wheat was met but yields were reduced.

“Plant breeding innovation means to me more access to new, safe and beneficial plant varieties,” commented Todd Hames, Alberta wheat grower and Chair of Cereals Canada. “This allows me to continue to be sustainable in a changing climate to grow safe, high-quality and affordable food for Canadians and our global consumers.”