By: Chris Teetart


The crop report is generally good this week.

That from Rob Park at the Manitoba Agriculture Crops Knowledge Centre in Carman.

But heat this week will take it's toll on crops across southern Manitoba.

There is a large circle shaped area around Winnipeg extending from Steinbach in the east all the way to Portage on the west side that is really quite dry.

He says when the temperature goes above 30 degrees during this part of the season it really is good for nothing.

Except on crops like corn, sunflowers or soybeans as long as there is enough moisture for them.

But flowering crops like wheat, canola and flax will definitely be affected by heat regardless of the amount of moisture.

The flowering time will be shortened and that will affect yield.

What is needed most right now is rain followed by a moderation of temperatures ranging from 25 to 28 degrees.