With farmers focused on getting this year's crop in the ground just a reminder to keep kids safe on the farm.

Robin Anderson, director of programs and communications with the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association says they are partnering with BASF for the first inaugurala "Kids Farm Safe Week", May 13-19.

She says it's really in response to statistics from the Canadian Agriculture Injury reporting data showing that kids, especially those under four years of age, are being killed on farms at an alarming rate, higher than any other age group under the age of 60.

"You know, kids are very fast and sometimes we don't always see where they're going. They might get into situations that they're not supposed to be in. They might be an additional rider on a piece of farm equipment, they might fall off and be run over, older kids tend to be killed in rollovers. So once again, passengers or operators of equipment that roll over and they're killed that way. Other ways that kids are being killed on the farm are through water hazards (dugouts, ponds) a drowning, and of course, animals being injured by horses and cattle."

Anderson says there are somethings producers can do like have a safe, designated play area and adequate supervision for the kids when they are outside.

She points out there are some really great guidelines that can help caregivers, families and parents determine when youth and older children are ready to start helping out on the farm.

More information can be found on CASA's website here.

To hear Glenda-Lee's conversation with Robin Anderson click the link below.