Fields are drying up after some heavy rain fell in parts of the province this week.

Warren McCutcheon farms in the Homewood area and says they didn't get hit as hard as some other areas. There was some crop lodging from a storm that rolled through the area earlier in the week.

He notes the rain they did get was needed.

"It's good, we've been very fortunate here recently. It's almost kind of been like irrigation. We've had that half inch to an inch of rain or so every five, ten days here for the last little while. Crop growing pretty hard right now. It's soaking it up nicely. Certainly, with the nice warm daytime temperatures, that's more than welcome."

McCutcheon says his crops are coming along nicely.

"We're not too bad in our area. Pretty fortunate compared to some. We did get a little bit of an earlier start than some areas as well. I don't think we're quite as far behind. Maybe five to ten days on some stuff. The warm weather the last few weeks has really improved things like the corn and beans as well. Kind of getting them caught up closer to normal. Some of our really early corn along some tree lines is starting to push some tassels out now. We usually like to see that happening by August first. We're not too far off pace there. Cereals, canola, everything looks excellent. We're just busy getting our fungicides on and battling some grasshoppers in places too."

He notes at this point they're looking at a later harvest and doesn't expect to get going until September.