An RCMP Community Constable  wants to make sure this is a safe Halloween for everybody. Dennis Redikop says we all play a role in ensuring the safety of young trick-or-treaters.

To the trick-or-treaters themselves, Redikop encourages them to wear something reflective. He says they should use the sidewalks and not lawns when walking from door to door and should never enter the house or vehicle of a stranger.

"When you are crossing the street, please use the crosswalk or at a corner of an intersection," he says. "And always look both ways before crossing the road."

The Community Constable says if a house is dark, that is usually an indication that either nobody is home, or that house is not involved in Halloween festivities. If the lights are out, Redikop says you should stay away and rather head to the next home. 

Redikop says parents also play a role in the safety of their children. He stresses the importance of making sure parents know where their children are going, the route they are taking and how long they plan to be gone. 

Redikop also urges them to check their child's treats before allowing them to consume the candy. 

"Definitely double-check the candies that the kids are bringing home," he says. "Look over the markings on it."

Redikop says there was a case in Winnipeg last year in which a home was found to be handing out cannabis edibles to children who came trick-or-treating. 

"They look like candies," he says. "So definitely make sure you read the proper labels and make sure that it's kid-friendly."

Meanwhile, Redikop says motorists also play a role in keeping everybody safe on Halloween night. He says it is important to be mindful that children will be out trick-or-treating. Redikop says kids can get excited and may not be paying attention to where they are walking. He asks drivers to be careful, especially if they are cruising through a neighbourhood. 


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