Dave Carlson will be seeking re-election this fall as reeve for the Municipality of Emerson-Franklin.

He says there's still a lot of work to be done.

"We've recently completed the master planning to initiate construction for the economic development zone in Emerson. The work with the province is still on-going and we we want to ensure that we have that strategic partnership with the province going forward and that we begin to get the sod turned and get some much needed commercial business into our border area and into our municipality," commented Carlson. "It's just critical that we bring those economic opportunities to our area. We need businesses for people to work. We have kids that graduate from school and go to University or stay in the area and we want to ensure that they can come back home and have places to work. We really need to attract more people to our area. We have a lot of great amenities and great areas to live in here and we need more people."

Carlson says some of the highlights from the past four years include the creation of the Community Development Corporation and the completion of the Municipal Strategic Plan. Bringing reliable high-speed internet to the area was also touted by Carlson.

Another accomplishment was getting the province to the table on the upgrade of Highway 201 to RTAC standards.

"It's on a 3-year plan. I see that it's supposed to begin next year and it is one of the roads that is identified as a priority. They see it as closing up the commercial highway network in this region ensuring that goods can get east/west further south near the border."

Carlson says he was also proud of the arena and campground upgrades that were completed during his first term.

The general municipal election will take place October 26, 2022.