High inflation is having an impact on many segments of the economy and Manitoba’s Economic Development Minister Cliff Cullen says that won’t stop the province from helping support growth in the future.

The MLA for Spruce Woods was at the International Peace Garden south of Boissevain in late July for a funding announcement.

“Inflation is taking a bite out of a lot of things. Obviously, when it comes to the infrastructure dollars more money gets eaten up and the dollars don’t go as far as they used to. We’re finding that on so many different projects.”

Cullen says many groups in the province are doing great work. He says groups like the IPG board are doing great things and they’ll be reaching out for more support in the future.

As the Peace Garden prepares to release a 10-year plan later this year Cullen knows the province will be asked to contribute to the project. “Finding money is always a challenge for sure but we’re committed to these parks and we’ve got great partners south of the border and we’re looking forward to future developments here.”

Parks Minister Jeff Wharton says parks in the province have gotten a lot busier since May and June produced less than ideal weather and some trying rainfalls.

“My hat goes off to all the transportation staff, parks staff and park users because it’s been a challenging spring and every part of the province was impacted,” said Jeff Wharton.

Cliff Cullen admits a better job can be done to promote parks in the province.

“When people get a chance to see our parks they see some of the greatest facilities in the country. I encourage Manitobans to get out and have a look and don’t be afraid to spend money in your own back yard.”