As thousands of students get ready to head back to class after Christmas break, they, their parents, bus drivers and teachers are being greeted with yet another very foggy morning across the Red River Valley. Environment Canada has issued, for the second consecutive day, a Fog Advisory for those areas including the Morden, Carman, Winkler,  Altona, Morris, Emerson, Vita and Steinbach areas.

"We are seeing very similar conditions Thursday morning as Wednesday, and that's put us in the same position regarding the development of fog," said CMOS Accredited Weathercaster Chris Sumner. "Warm air aloft as we continue to see that flow of Pacific air wide the jet stream from the west coast across the Prairies, lots of moisture in the air and relatively light winds or complete calm conditions. Add all that up, and we have another foggy start to the day."

The fog is expected to lift by mid to late morning, but Sumner noted the merry-go-round will continue again tonight and overnight with fog developing again.

As of 7:55 a.m. Thursday, most highways were reported in bare condition, with fair to poor visibility reported in an area from Altona, northward toward Rosenort, and then eastward. 

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fog on a highway in the nightWhat Highway 75 looked like shortly before 7 a.m. north of Morris

The same conditions leading to the fog are also giving us one more opportunity to enjoy the beauty of winter with hoar frost deposits on pretty much anything it can attach to.

"Yesterday we were able to enjoy that display for much of the day, until the sun started to break through the fog and cloud cover and a slight breeze picked up," said Sumner. "Once that happened, the frost started to fall off the trees, hydro poles, buildings and what have you. We'll see a very similar scenario play out today."

You can see some of the photos we captured of Wednesday's frost in the story below.