Josh Guenter's name will be on the ballot for the October 2023 provincial election after securing the Progressive Conservative party nomination earlier this week for the Borderland constituency. This will be the MLA's second general election, after first being elected in 2019.

"I was very honoured to be nominated again to run as the Conservative candidate for Borderland in the upcoming provincial election," he said. "It has been a distinct privilege, and honour, to serve the people of this area. I have lived here pretty well all my life. I was born and raised here. I love this area. I love its people, and I share the values of this area."

Guenter says he's made it clear to constituents his principles are not for sale, and he will continue to stand for his convictions, pointing to life, family and minimal government.

Over the last three plus years, he believes he's delivered real results to his area.

"One is the village roads in the R.M. of Stanley and Municipality of Rhineland where we've been able to upgrade roads in Reinfeld, Schanzenfeld, Blumenfeld, Hochfeld, Chortitz and Thornhill," he noted. "Main Street in Altona is going to be upgraded, and Main Street in St. Jean was rehabilitated, as well."

Guenter notes upgrades to PR 201 and Highway 59 in the eastern part of the riding as other examples. 

"It gives me a deep sense of satisfaction to be able to see some of these things getting done in our areas for the benefit of our people."

He stresses, though, there's more work to do, particularly from a water supply and wastewater mangement perspective.

"Our communities are growing, whether it's the wastewater project for Reinfeld and Schanzenfeld, those communities have been restricted in their growth because of the wastewater regulations," explained Guenter. "We need to see that project go through. The province has come to the table on that, and so I just really want to see Reinfeld and Schanzenfeld grow again with this investment."

Guenter listed Altona's Kiddie Sunshine Centre as another project he would like to help move toward completion, as well as the ongoing need for improved cell service in parts of his constituency.

"We'd like to see the Altona Hospital emergency room situation stabilize and resume. and return to truly 24/7 service," he added. "We're in a situation very much like everywhere else in the province, and everywhere else in the country quite frankly, where nurses and doctors everywhere are in short supply. The healthcare field has been affected by the same labour shortages impacting every other sector of the economy, but in Altona we want to see that return."