Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) is not satisfied with the federal government's carbon tax scheme which was announced this week.

"We need a carbon exemption on grain drier fuel to help us combat this new reality. The federal climate change announcement did not provide this," stated KAP President Bill Campbell. "It also did not provide an exemption for on-space heating fuel for livestock."

On-farm fuel (diesel and purple gas) will be exempt from the federal carbon tax when it comes into effect next April.

Campbell says farmers want to be part of the solution, however the federal plan won't help in that regard.

"We don't see measure from this federal announcement, where we're going to be able to adapt to make those measures and to see those programs. The thing that also needs to be recognized is how we are going to be cost-competitive. We are price-takers, we don't have the ability to ship the price of our commodities to adapt to the added costs."