Federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau says they tried to balance the budget the best they could in terms of so many priorities.

"We wanted to support Canadians because we know that times are hard, and everything is very expensive. So we brought what we call the grocery rebate to be able to give some money to those who need it most, while not putting fuel on the fire and provoking an increase in interest rates."

When talking about commitments to agriculture Bibeau highlighted the $57.5 million dollar investment for the creation of the foot and mouth disease vaccine bank.

"Foot and Mouth Disease if it comes to Canada would affect our beef industry, our dairy industry, but also pork and other meat industries. We know we are big exporters, overnight the border could close. So for this specific disease, we have the capacity to put in place a Canadian bank of vaccines and we will do so. "

Bibeau says they'll have the budget to continue, another key tool for producers this year is the increase in the interest-free portion advance payment program.

"The interest-free portion of these loans is now up to $350,000 for 2023. So, it means that the farmer can benefit from a loan in the spring when they have to buy all their inputs,  then only have to reimburse when they sell their products."

You can hear Glenda-Lee's full conversation with Minister Bibeau by clicking on the link below.