Morden's Legion House One (LH1) had kitchens in 5 units replaced, thanks to Decor Cabinets, local plumbers and electricians pitching in to upgrade the dark, well worn, 42-year-old units, according to Property Manager Marina Brown. 

LH1 Resident Alana Kelly described her cabinets before the renovation was completed. 

"I have three different laminate grains I had to put mactac on my counters to cover up some damage. I made it look OK, but that's worn out now. The shelves look like they've had. 50 LB weights on them and they're just bowed. I mean, they served well, but it's just time."  

Brown explained why she reached out to the local cabinet making company for help in upgrading LH1, built in 1981.  

"They're old. The kitchens are very dark, in a lot of the suits. This gives us an opportunity to lighten them up, to make them easier for our seniors to use, give them a space for their microwave so it's not sitting somewhere else in their kitchen, and it's just an exciting thing to happen to get improvements done in this building. We've done a lot of things in the last four years. We just want to keep going. We want to improve their lives and make it a decent place to live with dignity and respect."  

Decor Cabinets Director of Sales Jeff Enns shared why the company decided to get the ball rolling on improving the units for some residents. 

"The truth is, when Marina called me up and they asked for a little bit of help to see if there could be something that could be done. I was surprised by the conditions here, just as a member of this community, as a member who works for Decor, and cares about the community. I think it's an opportunity to show our surrounding area how it is here and maybe there's more that we can do. There are five kitchens going in initially for them. Which is great to hear. Alana is so excited. This is really it's about can we change their lives?" 

In just a few days, the new cabinets were in, and Kelly had a big smile on her face as she excitedly showed Reporter Robyn Wiebe her new kitchen cabinets. 

Legion House Resident Alana Kelly and Property Manager Marina Brown after the renos.Legion House Resident Alana Kelly and Property Manager Marina Brown after the renos.

"I just about fell over; I was so happy, and they look so beautiful. And what can I say? I've got a lazy Susan and a pull-out spice rack, and it's just wonderful. I never thought I would be this lucky to have this." 

Brown would like to put out a call to anyone who would like to continue the great work of those who got the project started. Call 204-822-6596 to speak with Brown about how you or someone you know can help. 

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