Altona's Gallery in the Park held an opening event Thursday night for the second exhibit of 2022.

The main floor exhibit features paintings by Genevie Henderson of Springfield, Manitoba.

"I'm primarily what you would call a colorist, which means that when I put colours together, I try to make them zing, like compliment each other and play off each other," she explained. "So when you look at a painting that I've done, it usually has a lot of vibrant colour. To me colour is very important. I paint more of an impressionistic style, meaning that I'm not into realism. It's more my interpretation and the way I see things."

Henderson's exhibit blends poetry with paintings.

The second floor features local artwork by the Buffalo Creek Artists.

Jill Ferris was one of the local artists in attendance Thursday night.

"It always impresses me how much variety we have in this region and just how eclectic it is," said Ferris, who's also a high school art teacher. "Also, just how passionate people are for their medium and for their art. It's never disappointing at all."

One of Jill's former students Olivia Klippenstein is the newest member of Buffalo Creek Artists, with some of her sketches on display. Her dad Terry Klippenstein is also a member of the group.

"It's really exciting and it's really fun to be able to show with my dad, and to have that experience together," said Olivia. "It's just exciting to be in this community where we're supported with other artists."

The new exhibit at Altona's Gallery in the Park opens to the public on Friday, August 5th.

Genevie HendersonGenevie Henderson is the featured artist on the main floor of the gallery