Hochfeld born Chef Peter Fehr of Gourmet Inspirations was recently a guest on the Marc and Mandy Show. The design and lifestyle program airs on TV both nationally and internationally.

Marc and Mandy are based out of Manitoba and often reach out to different Manitoba companies and personalities to showcase on their show. Fehr says he received an email from the show asking if he would like to be a guest chef as part of their lifestyle and trends show. "So I replied and said, sure I would love to do that, and the rest is kind of history."

Fehr was on set for several days filming three separate segments with Marc and Mandy. He says the co-hosts are amazing, which made the experience a lot of fun.

"Part of their philosophy is they want to treat people nicely. The TV industry can be fairly cutthroat and harsh sometimes so they want to battle against that and just really treat all their guests nicely. So I had a super positive experience and really enjoyed interacting with both Marc and Mandy who were on the segments with me."

Fehr says Marc and Mandy are interested in having him back on the show, and he anticipates being somewhat of a regular guest. He says right now he doesn't have any further episodes booked. He says getting the call to be on the show is often very short notice, often within the week.