The Manitoba Dairy Conference continues in Winnipeg. 

David Wiens, Chair of the Dairy Farmers of Manitoba says with rising feed costs and the drought it's been a rough couple of years for producers.

He notes despite that it's important to recognize how dairy producers have given back to communities through Manitoba Harvest.

"We have donated over 333,000 litres of milk this year, and that goes to service food banks throughout the province. So there's over 350 Food Banks in the province that have received one litre cartons of milk and packages of cheese. "

He says it's really a combined effort with producers donating the milk, bulk milk hauling companies transport it at no charge, Lactalis processes the milk, while the cheese is made by Bothwell Cheese.

The Dairy Conference continues today with the breed association's Annual General Meetings.

He says with everyone gathered for the conference it's an ideal time and location. 

The breed association meetings include the Manitoba Jersey Cattle Club and the Manitoba Holstein Branch.

Today producers will also hear from the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association, the Dairy Farmers of Canada, the Canadian Dairy Commission and the Keystone Agricultural Producers.

Wiens says in general it's just nice to be back with an in-person event, providing producers and suppliers the opportunity to network.