Over 40 host sites are preparing to open their doors to the public Sunday, September 17 for Manitoba's Open Farm Day.

Wendy Bulloch is the Open Farm Day Coordinator for the Manitoba Association of Agricultural Societies (MAAS).

She says the event provides an opportunity for the public to get a first hand look at Manitoba's agriculture industry.

"I think it's a really important opportunity and a unique opportunity for families to go out and learn more about the industry to understand how farmers and those in the industry view agriculture. It's an opportunity to create public trust that we all work and strive to having a very safe industry and we work to keep the industry progressing because it's an important piece to our Manitoba economy."

Bulloch notes last year, despite the bad weather, about 5,500 people participated in Open Farm Day. Approximately 6,500 people turned out the year previous.

She says the event is geared towards all Manitobans.

"It's not only people from urban Manitoba, like Winnipeg and Brandon. Lots of us in the rural areas may not have ever had the opportunity to visit different sites or learn about different parts of the industry."

Open Farm Day was started back in 2010 by Manitoba Agriculture before it was handed over to MAAS in 2015.

More info can be found at OpenFarmDay.ca