Manitobans are being asked for their opinion on COVID-19 vaccination plans for young children. 

Health Minister Audrey Gordon says a COVID-19 vaccine for children aged six months to four years may be approved for use in Canada this summer. 

"Many Manitoba parents have been eagerly awaiting this next phase of our vaccination campaign," suggests Gordon.

She notes the province is launching a survey to help ensure the vaccine is being offered at convenient locations and so that parents and caregivers can easily access the information and resources they need.

The survey can be found at EngageMB. Manitobans, particularly parents and caregivers of children aged six months to four years, are invited to share feedback on COVID-19 vaccination plans.

The survey asks for input on where Manitoba parents and caregivers would prefer to take their young children to be vaccinated, which factors would influence their decision or ability to have their young children vaccinated and how they would prefer to get more information about the vaccine.

The survey also asks for Manitobans' perspectives on the current COVID-19 vaccination strategy for children aged five to 17 and for the general public overall.

"We know COVID-19 continues to circulate in our province and vaccination remains our best option to protect ourselves and each other," says Dr. Brent Roussin, Chief Provincial Public Health Officer. "Soon, our youngest Manitobans may be eligible for a vaccine as well and that's another important milestone in our COVID-19 response. I'd encourage all Manitobans to be a part of our planning, especially parents and caregivers of this age group."

The survey will be open until Wednesday, July 13.