Like many looking back on 2022, MLA for Midland Blaine Pedersen stated the most notable part of 2022 was the eventful Winter and Spring start to the year, coming out of a drought situation, with lots of snow and storms, leading into overland flooding in Spring, he remarked, from which they are still rebuilding.

He noted another big impact on people over the year.

"During the year too, inflation came up, whether it was the war in Ukraine or food shortages, whatever it is, the cost of living has increased dramatically. Fuel costs have gone up, food costs, interest rates have gone up. It has had a major impact on everyone's everyday lives and that will continue there, too."

Pedersen continued looking at the year from another perspective.

"On the other side of it though, the ag and manufacturing industries have done really well this year and continue to do well. We have our challenges in terms of labor shortages, whether that's in healthcare, manufacturing, ag, the service industry. There's a help wanted sign-up for everyone. We knew this was coming with the Baby Boomers, and it is definitely here now, and there's movement there to train and recruit people."

He noted an additional challenge for employers is retention.

2022 will be Pedersen's last full year as the elected represented

"Looking forward into 2023, our water strategy is out. We're going to continue to work on maintaining our water supply and enhancing our water supply, whether that be for potable water, industrial or irrigation, or even recreation. We need to start holding back some of this water that disappears every Spring, during the spring melt. And make sure we've had that because that's critical for our region here in South Central Manitoba,"

This will be Pedersen's last full year as the elected representative in the Manitoba Legislature. He shared, from a party perspective, what succession planning looks like heading into next Fall's election.

"I was first elected in 2007 and so, next year it'll be 16 years in here and it's time to step back, and enjoy retirement, and things like that. The PC party of Manitoba had a nomination back in the end of October. Lauren Stone won the nomination, I'm working with her making sure she's got the contacts that I've managed to build up over the years."

Pedersen also highlighted growth is happening in many communities, like the expansion project of Boyne Lodge and The Back Door Ministries in Carman. He added highway construction on Hwy 2 from Haywood to St Claude as well as Hwy 23 from Kane to Morris will take place in the coming year as well.