The RM of Montcalm has signed on with a local technology company to bring fibre optic, high speed Internet service to its ratepayers.

Council has signed an agreement with Winkler based Valley Fiber to install the service to homes in three of the municipality's urban centres.

In a news release, company spokesman Conley Kehler said the deal includes FTTH (Fiber To The Home) for Letellier, St. Jean, and St. Joseph as well as FTTT (Fiber To The Tower) from VISP to expand the reach for residences outside the three communities listed.

"Basically it's a service that our residents want, and it will also help with economic development in the area, since we're right along Highway 75. We're hoping it will help in attracting both businesses and residents to the municipality," said Jolene Bird, CAO for Moncalm.

Work on installing the fiber inside the three urban centres will start in 2019 and continue through 2020, according to Bird. Once that part of the project is complete, work will begin on establishing a wireless service for rural ratepayers.