An excited crowd of people gathered outside Morden's Kenmor Theatre last Wednesday night, in anticipation of the CBC comedy show Still Standing, that travels across Canada featuring places and the people living in different communities, put to the backdrop of a standup comedy sketch, hosted by Comedian Jonny Harris. 

The show is going into its eighth season, and Producer Alex Lazarowich said they typically feature communities facing unique challenges. 

"We had heard about the drought that happened in Morden, but also Southern Manitoba, and so we were really interested in telling this story because it was so unique. We also had known about Morden’s immigration program, and we thought that was a wonderful thing to highlight, and really, anytime a town and a city has dinosaurs, we really can't not go to that town, because it's so cool and so exciting. I think what's really great about our visit here is we were able to highlight some of the really unique things happening in the City of Morden, and things people across Canada deserve to know about." 

People anxiously waited outside of the Kenmor Theatre in Morden to be a part of the Live Audience for the taping of CBC's Still Standing.

She said once they got to Morden, they had criteria for who they would showcase in the upcoming show, from the city. 

"I think what we're always looking for is unique stories and unique people that bring something to, not just the topic stuff, but some real passion behind the things they're doing, and I think with all the people we met in the City of Morden, they had passion for everything they were doing, and I think that's what makes our show so unique, and also why Jonny can showcase the town in such a unique way and a comedic way, obviously." 

Challenger Baseball, the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre, aerial spraying and crop dusting and the drought were some of the topics that may appear in the episode airing sometime in the new year, she shared, not wanting to give too much away. 

"I think what we found in Morden is everyone was so helpful and so kind, I'm sure a lot of your listeners saw us driving around, we're pulling over on the side of the road and knocking on people's doors."  

The crew would ask for things like if they had an apple tree in their back yard, or if they could take video of someone walking their dog. Lazarowich didn't recall anyone turning them down, noting most people seemed to know who they were and what they were doing in town. 

Niby Moulick and her husband Mrinmoy are newcomers to Morden through Morden's Immigration Program. She shared their experience with the crew. 

Jonny Harris walks by Morden thrift StoreJonny Harris of Still Standing walking past a mural by Morden's Thrift Store.

"We had four days of fun with the Still Standing crew, with the interview with Jonny, and the show at the end. It was really good. They showed Morden to us in a very different perspective, which we already knew, but it's still good to see things about the city, through someone else."  

She described her feelings on, potentially, being on TV for the first time. 

"It was good, shooting for the first time in front of the camera. It was terrifying, but it was the fun kind of terrifying." she laughed. "It was really good, but the people made us feel very comfortable." 

Not all people who met, or were interviewed, by the Still Standing crew will be featured in Episode 8 of the eighth Season, but will certainly have a story to tell.  

On Wednesday evening, at the filming of the final comedy sketch, invited guests gathered outside the Kenmor Theatre to be part of the live audience. Two comedians opened up for the host, Jonny Harris who kept the audience on the edge of their seats and in stitches, as he reflected on the people he met, and his insights into the City of Morden from the previous days filming in the area.  People will have to wait to see what makes the final cut, by watching the episode when it airs, sometime in early 2023.