With Morden's Patrol Service Dog (PSD) Chase retiring soon, a new dog and handler were needed to fill the vacant roles.  Thanks to funding from the Province through Property Forfeiture Act, and a donation from the Morden Thrift Store, a new dog was purchased, and was matched with Constable Curtis Warkentin, the new K-9 Handler.  PSD Ice is a sister from the same line as Chase, purchased from the Winnipeg Police Service.  

Recently, Constable Warkentin and PSD Ice took an eight-week drug detection and obedience course.  

Working on Ice's socialization skills with children, and other animals, is on the list of things to do as the team plans to spend time in the community this summer at events in and around Morden.

Warkentin reminds the public to always ask before interacting with the dog and not to run away from her if afraid.

Reporter Robyn Wiebe was able to capture some of the skills the team acquired in the video below.