With Phase One of the renovations at South Central Regional Library (SCRL) in Morden complete, Phase Two will begin next week.  

In January, the Morden Library closed its doors for a couple of weeks temporarily while the flooring in the front area was replaced in the desk and front sitting area, according to Morden SCRL Branch Administrator Gail Hildebrand. 

"We have set up a temporary work area for the 2 weeks in between the floor being complete and the new desk being ready." 

Renovated sitting area.Renovated sitting area.

She added there will be a further disruption to library services for this phase. 

"We will be closing a little early on Tuesday, February 7 at 6pm to clean out the front area for Sunvalley Cabinets to start installing our new desk the next day. We are planning on reopening on Tuesday, Feb 13." 

Some services will still be available. 

"We will continue offering hold pickups from 10am to 5pm but will be closed to the public coming into the library. Thank you for your understanding and for all our patrons being as excited about these renovations as we are!"  

Donations to the library can be made here.

SCRL temporary desk