After serving the City of Morden for five years, Mayor Brandon Burley has announced his resignation. The City made the announcement via social media at noon Thursday.

"Under Mayor Burley's leadership, Morden has experienced unprecedented transformation and significant growth, emerging as a beacon of progress in the region," stated the news release. "His unwavering commitment to the city, and his visionary approach have played a pivotal role in shaping Morden's future."

According to the release, Burley's decision came, "From a place of deep personal reflection on what is needed, not only for municipalities but also for individuals and families."

"I have come to recognize the significant responsibility I have towards my family's own transformational growth years," said Burley.

In the announcement, Burley extended his appreciation to City Council for its continued support and friendship throughout his tenure. He also expressed his appreciation to the dedicated community members of Morden, whose contributions have been invaluable. 

Pending confirmation of details, the City will initiate a by-election process to fill the vacancy created by Mayor Brandon Burley's resignation. The City will provide additional information regarding the by-election in due course.

You can find the full announcement below.

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