Two people were arrested last week in Morden after hiding a youth from police.

The charges stemmed from a report of a missing female, received on July 17th. The female youth was believed to be at a residence in Morden, and when police responded and spoke to two people at the residence, police were told the youth may be somewhere else. 
Police checked the home and were unable to locate the missing female.

Going back to the same address several times, police finally located the missing youth, who had been hiding in the home. The youth was returned to her home and her parents.
On July 20th, police arrested the two suspects, who had been hiding the youth and charged them with Obstructing a Peace Officer. They were released on an Appearance Notice to attend court in September. 
Police are continuing their investigation with a third suspect.    

Morden Police are looking into a weekend assault case.
Just after 6 o'clock Saturday evening, police received a report from a male, who was in hospital at the time receiving medical treatment, after being assaulted by two males.
The victim told officers he had been riding his bike with a friend when two males pulled up beside them in a vehicle, jumped out and started hitting him.
Police are continuing their investigation.