An impaired driver was temporarily taken off the road after they were pulled over by Morden police officers on general patrol last week. 
According to police, it was during this traffic stop when officers noticed the smell of liquor coming from the driver. A roadside screening test yielded a warning, and the driver was issued 72-hour driving suspension and their vehicle was impounded for three days. The driver also assessed a $400 administrative penalty.

Additionally, a 46-year-old man from Winkler was arrested by following an incident at a Morden home last week. 
Officer with the Morden Police Service were called to the home following a complaint of people fighting in the building and when they arrived, they found an intoxicated man causing a disturbance. Upon further investigation, officers found the man was on conditions not to consume alcohol. Police say he then became violent with the officers.
At that point, he was arrested for failing to comply with an undertaking, uttering threats and assaulting a police officer. 


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