Last week in Morden, a couple of altercations took place unrelated to each other.  

The first instance took place, on May 13th, in a licensed premises, where an assault took place during an altercation. The victim said they were struck in the head with a glass bottle, pulled to the ground and further assaulted. The victim sustained minor injuries and police subsequently arrested a 29-year-old Morden resident and released her on an undertaking with a July 26th court date in Morden.  

May 18th, Morden Police were called to a location on South Railway where a fight was in progress. While on route, they were made aware one of the suspects had fled in a vehicle, which they were able to locate and stop.  Three suspects were detained while EMS attended to the victim. Police learned the two youths had arranged to meet for the fight, and all were cautioned by police, then turned then over to a parent.  

Police would like to re-remind the public that gift card scams are common. When providing the information from the back of a gift card, victims are giving the scammer the dollar amount on the card.  

This reminder comes after a report of a victim who had called the police to notify them, they had been scammed after communicating with a business about a job interview. The victim had a phone interview with the company and was hired.  The company sent the individual a cheque and asked them to purchase gift cards and send in the activation numbers.  The victim only learned after they had purchased the cards and sent in the activation numbers, the cheque was fraudulent, leaving them with a financial loss. 

Morden Police would also like to remind the public to lock up their vehicles to prevent break-ins, as they received several complaints from residents who had their vehicles rummaged through and items taken. The report stated: simply locking your vehicles and keeping valuables out of sight is deterrent enough to prevent this from happening. 

May 21st at 12:40 AM, police were called to a local gas station alarm. Upon arrival, police found the door unlocked with no one inside.  While investigating the incident, police found an intoxicated youth and took them into custody until they were sobered and released to a family member.  It was during that time police determined the youth was the cause of the alarm, as they had entered the building setting off the alarm several times.  The youth was cautioned and no charges were laid. 

On May 23rd, a break and enter and mischief was reported on South Railway.  The suspects entered a residence and several outbuildings causing minor damage. Police continue to investigate.