The MLA for Morden-Winkler says he was delighted to see significant resources to support people in our province dealing with mental health issues and addictions announced in Tuesday's throne speech.
Cameron Friesen says mental health and addictions have been a primary concern in our communities and for the current government, adding they have been working to provide support and services for those who have been struggling.

Tuesday's speech also included plans for 1000 new addictions treatment spaces in the province. "It is historic, the largest one-time investment in addictions treatment that this province has ever seen. It is needed now, and we are delighted to be bringing this additional support online to help Manitobans who are in need."

Friesen says the speech included many other announcements, including items related to competitiveness, changes to our immigration program to strengthen it, and talk of how to grow communities.

Friesen says it was also exciting to hear about the significant progress in the current government's efforts to reduce the backlog for diagnostic tests and surgeries announced in the speech. Because of the work of the Diagnostic and Surgical Backlog Taskforce, the group tasked with reducing the wait times for surgeries in our province, Friesen says the cataract wait times have been fully eliminated because of this work, while the wait list for hip and knee surgeries has been cut in half.

The speech also provided details of a new and aggressive 200 - million dollar strategy to recruit, train, and retain nurses. "We know that we need help in healthcare, and we know that this is the way to go about doing it," said Friesen. "This is in addition to our very significant expansion of nursing seats in the province by over 400, some of which are coming  to the City of Morden and we're so excited to see that first cohort of nurse training start right where we live."

With prices on the move and continuing to go up, Friesen says the Manitoba PC government has responded to help Manitobans. "The Speech from the Throne reminded people of the historic Education Property Tax Rebate that has sent more than 350,000 cheques to Manitobans, while we fully fund education."