With seven people vying for two councilor seats around Morden's council table, Darlene Wiebe would like to be one of Morden's city councilors in the upcoming December 20th by-election. 

"Our family moved to Morden about six years ago, although my husband's family originated from this area. I have been a stay at home/home schooling mom for the last 16 years. I have homeschooled our daughter from kindergarten, and as she is now getting more independent, I'm looking for somewhere to get involved. In the past, I've been involved in leading small study groups, been head cook for at a number of camps, sat on a leadership board, and volunteered at a pregnancy crisis center." 

Wiebe explained why she is running for one of the two open council seats.  

"My husband suggested I should run, and it got me thinking about it. On further reflection, I realized I did have something to offer. Being a stay-at-home Mom for the past 16 years has given me a different perspective on life than perhaps a business-oriented person might have had on what is important to blue collar workers. I'm very good at asking questions and this would help bring a well-rounded perspective to the discussion table. I want to live in a community that includes all of its citizens and puts them first when making decisions, focusing on what we have in common and the things we share." 

Here are some of the issues Wiebe thinks are facing Morden.  

"I think some of the important issues facing more include the road conditions, infrastructure such as parking downtown and the city services. There is also the challenge of moving the city forward in terms of attracting businesses that would bring in revenue for the city by keeping the people of Morden shopping more locally and attracting non-Mordenites into Morden. Right now, many from Morden are taking their business to Winkler, because they are so little available here." 

Wiebe welcomes residents to email her to ask questions and to talk about Morden at midnightfriesen@hotmail.com 

Candidates confirmed to be running in Morden's by-election are:  

Mayoral Candidates: 

Nicholas Hoeppner 

Nancy Penner 


Councilor Candidates: 

Chris Abrams 

Megan Giesbrecht 

Dave Hildebrand 

Brenda Klassen 

Tracey Krause 

Allan Spearman 

Darlene Wiebe 

An All-Candidates Forum will be held December 4th at the Morden Activity Centre at 7pm.

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