May 12th marks the start of a new season for Lake Minnewasta campground near Morden.

Eager campers began booking reservations on Monday with ice still floating on the lake.

"We need some double temperature days and it won't take long," said campground manager Brian Thiessen. "It just needs to start happening a little bit."

A few piles of snow remain on the ground too. 

"We're hoping that the rain will help, but it's making things muddy as well. That last dowse of snow we got didn't put us in the right direction for summer."

In mid-April the boat launch gates at Lake Minnewasta were closed until further notice, due to muddy conditions. Notices are posted on the campground's social media.

The lake has been topped up since mid-April. With no flooding issues to deal with this spring, Thiessen says they're anticipating a good year.

"We have none of those sorts of issues up at the lake this year. Everything stayed in its place where it was supposed to. It didn't come up to the boardwalk this spring, which is always a nerve-racking sign, to see that that there's absolutely no beach. Things like the boat launch will be easily accessible early in the season. This year we'll have time to get boat dock out. Of course, boats with trolling motors only. As long as we have an appropriate amount of rainfall throughout the summer we should do well with water all year."

entrance to Lake Minnewasta in SpringRates have risen this year, with a daily pass to the campground costing $12 and a season pass $47.

The recreational facility is a big summertime draw for two reasons says Thiessen: the Splish Splash water park and the ban on motorized water craft.

"Last year, as word got out about our rulings on the motorboat issue, it's unfortunate for those that like to water ski and jet ski to not have motorized boats on our lake,
but it has brought out a plethora of kayakers and canoers wanting to come and enjoy a quieter lake."

Users will need to purchase entry passes on opening weekend, as of May 12th. 

Rates have risen this year, with a daily pass to Colert Beach costing $12 and a season pass $47. 

"The cost, unfortunately, does need to go up every once in a while, and this is the year that we're upping that," said Thiessen.

From now to till opening weekend season passes can be purchased at the campground office from 8 am to 9 pm. 

Cyclists are being asked to stay off the Lake Trail until it's had a chance to dry properly, ensuring the long term benefit of a trail without deep ruts.

- With files from Robyn Wiebe -