There's a new Executive Director at Menzies Medical Centre (MMC) filling the shoes of past ED Karen Chezick who served the clinic for 14 years.  Morden's Nicole Walske has been hired to lead the clinic. She began her work in June.

She brings with her twenty-five years of experience in the dentistry field, which she noted is a bit different in what she is used to but shared what makes her excited work at MMC.

"Morden is one of those places I think once your heart is here, it's hard to ever let it go somewhere else. I feel like Menzies Medical Centre, although at a different location than I remember as a child, has gone through so much growth and beautiful renovations, the core value of it still remains. Although some of the physicians in our group are considered younger and newer to our community, they have made their homes here and they are passionate about doing the best they can."

As someone who grew up in Morden, Walske feels a strong connection to the community who has shown her so much support.

"It is attractive, to me, to feel like I could play a small role in our community in supporting the vision of Menzies Medical Centre and trying to reach the community and trying to improve access to care. Knowing the heart of the Menzies family actually touches me. For me, that was important to know that there was personal representation here and it was something that I could stand behind and would feel supported by the current physicians that are here."

President of Menzies Medical Centre Dr. Leanne Nause shared her enthusiasm having Walske join the team.

"We are very excited to have Nicole join us. She has already had steps in team building, and she's very personable, it is easy for us to go to her for solutions and we look forward to, you know, working with her for lots of years."

Nause is looking forward to Walske's upcoming contribution.

"We are in need of more doctors in this community and I am really excited to have Nicole joining us for a Resident Recruitment Fair that's coming up. We're always working to bring in more doctors. We know that's an important thing for this community as our clinic grows, and as strong leaders here, we will keep attracting excellent candidates."