Morden's Tracey Krause is one of the seven candidates running in the Morden by-election, vying for one of the two vacant councilor seats. She moved to Morden 6 years ago, but was raised here, and wants to continue to be a voice for all people in the community. 

"I grew up watching my parents volunteer and help out at so many community events. Since moving back to Morden, I've pitched in at Many Hands, helping to set up the food bank there, and I'm also running a small fair-trade business of my own where I work with Indigenous women making jewelry in Ecuador." 

Krause has qualifications she feels will make her an asset to council. 

"I have a strong business background. I have a master's degree in accounting and finance. I've worked in that field for approximately 30 years. I've also worked in nonprofit as the Finance Director of the Canadian Center for Child Protection. I certainly have the qualifications to be able to understand a budget and make sure that good financial decisions are being made. After spending many years in audits, I certainly understand how to ask a lot of the hard questions." 

With a strong understanding of finances, Krause also has another side to her she feels will make her a good councilor.  

"Also, with my work at Many Hands, I really saw the heart of our community and it's drawing me out to reach out to those people that seem to be a little bit forgotten within our community. So, I'm hoping to be a voice for the people that are struggling within our community." 

Issues Krause sees facing Morden are wastewater, a source for fresh water, the lack of doctors and public transportation but there is something else she thinks is important. 

"I'm also concerned about coming together as a community I see in our community there's a lot of people who feel left out, who are not engaging in public discussion, who feel that there's a lot of growth happening but it's not happening within their families. So, I want to make sure we're coming together as a community as we run Morden. Not just one part of it, or the richest part, or only the business part, but all of us.” 

Here is a link to find more information on Tracey Krause's candidate platform. 

Those candidates confirmed to be running in Morden's by-election are:  

Mayoral Candidates: 

Nicholas Hoeppner 

Nancy Penner 


Councilor Candidates: 

Chris Abrams 

Megan Giesbrecht 

Dave Hildebrand 

Brenda Klassen 

Tracey Krause 

Allan Spearman 

Darlene Wiebe 

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