Three months after the Ukraine to Morden 2022 Committee began work to settle displaced Ukrainians coming to Canada through the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel Program, more host families are needed. 

Committee Volunteer Cyndi Kutzner said summer vacations have been one reason the need has come up. 

"At the beginning, when we first kind of developed this group, we had put out that the group was starting up, and put out a call for host families to possibly host some of the newcoming families on a temporary basis until they got more settled. We had a long list of host families, and have used those host families, and now we are running out of host families, and we need some more. Some of the hosts have done this twice now, some are on the third time round, and some have done it once, and that was their commitment to our program, and we really appreciate that. "  

Kutzner described how families are matched. 

"It all depends on the family, some people that are coming will have a parent and children, some will be 2 parents and their children, sometimes it's a single person, now and again they do arrive with pets, so we do need some host families that are willing to be pet friendly. What we expect of the host family is basically accommodation, some place for them to sleep and to call home for a short period of time." 

Kutzner added it can be as much as a bedroom or bedrooms with a shared living space, including bathroom and kitchen etc. and some are able to offer a space of their own with these amenities to themselves.  Whatever you are able to offer is greatly appreciated and will be taken into consideration, as more people arrive. 

She shared how much this has benefited those who have already been matched.  

"The biggest benefit is obviously for the Ukrainian displaced people that are here. They feel they're put into a safe environment with welcoming people. For the host family, it's this cultural exchange, just knowing you're doing something so good for people, who right now, have left their homes, they've left all their belongings, they've left their friends, and, in some situations, they've left family members behind, and pets behind.  These people are so grateful and so gracious." 

Kutzner said 50 families have already come to Morden through the program and, for now, it's slowing down and it's difficult to predict how many more to expect. 

"Our community has been so good. I hear it's such a beautiful community, with beautiful people in it. We just would like more people to, if they have space in their homes, reach out to me." 

Ukraine to Morden 2022 Facebook page is the best way to contact Cyndi Kutzner to get more information or to become a host.