The International Peace Gardens (IPG) south of Boissevain would like to have another metal structure built for the upcoming 2023 year and it will be based around their theme for next year is Cacti & Succulents.

The design they are interested in is a large saguaro cactus silhouette.

CEO Tim Chapman says they’ll continue with work similar to 2022. “This year we had bass and treble clefs put up at the Peace Garden and we’ll continue working in that kind of sculpture to the 2020 theme to coincide with the opening of the conservatory. The flower bed designs and themes are based around sharp geometric shapes, and we wanted to supplement that with actual imagery of cacti themselves.”

The International Peace Garden is working with the same welder who did the bass the treble clefs this year and that’s an artist out of Rugby, North Dakota. The cacti are expected to be ready to be placed when staff start planting in June of 2023.

“The structures will be about eight feet tall with strong anchoring that highlights and accents the floral vista you see when you look west towards the chapel. The sculptures will come in at a combined cost of $10,000.”

In 2022 the IPG started a flower bed sponsorship program and funds from that program will be used to help offset the cost of the 2023 metal cacti structures.

“Two cacti will be erected and because the theme changes every year, we’ll re-purpose and put those in a more permanent location somewhere around the sunken garden or leading up into the conservatory building,” said Tim Chapman.