After giving the opportunity further thought, Morris Mayor Scott Crick has decided not to seek the president's role with the Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM). Earlier this Fall, Morris town council approved a motion supporting his nomination. 

"When Council put the nomination forward, we certainly had a discussion regarding that this was still something I was not 100% committed to, and I needed to ensure I could find the right balance in life to be able to do the job," he explained. "Regardless of whether I'm serving in my full-time day job, or whether I'm serving as the mayor of Morris, or even hypothetically as president of AMM, I want to do each component of my life justice. In reviewing work, and speaking with my wife and looking at the challenges upcoming over the next 6 to 12 months, even as a community, I just don't see a way for me to effectively do all three of those roles right now."

Crick says his decision has led to a little disappointment around the council table, but because of the honest conversation initially among the group, they understand why he's choosing not to move forward at this time. 

Part of Crick's reasoning to run was his personal feeling, and comments he's heard from other officials, regarding the strength of AMM's lobbying efforts. 

"I'll state that a number of other municipal officials have expressed their concerns with me, as well, that they have not felt AMM has been a strong enough advocate against the current government, especially as it relates to some of the unilateral changes they've made that have affected municipalities," he said. "I'm disappointed I won't be able to go out and represent them, maybe not as president, but even to express that point of view through the election process. This is just a 'no' for now, it doesn't mean it's 'no' forever."

Crick added he might be in a position to consider a run at some point in the future. 

With the Morris mayor leaving the ballot, that leaves incumbent President Kam Blight as the only remaining candidate for president. 

The organization's annual Fall Convention begins today (November 21st) in Winnipeg.