A special evening was held in Winkler Thursday for the renaming of the  Buhler Active Living Centre's second floor. What was initially called 'The Villages', is now called 'The Peter George Dyck Villages.'

Family and friends of Peter George Dyck, dignitaries and others gathered for a formal naming celebration. Dyck's son, Patrick, was an honoured guest. "What a blessing to hear from the dignitaries that talked, and their reflection on what dad meant to them. Often you don't hear these things," said Patrick. "And when you do hear them, it brings back really good memories of a man that I respected, and it seems they did as well."

Patrick said, as a family, they are very humbled by this unveiling, and they hope 'The Villages' can continue to provide dedicated and wonderful care for the people that come there.

George Klassen is chair of the Buhler Active Living Centre board. He said it was a privilege, and very special, to be able to name 'The Villages' after Peter.

"It's so special. He's one of those people that's contributed so much to the community. He was the first resident that moved into the second floor, and now to get a chance to honour him, and name it after him, is just really, really special."

Patrick shares the kind of difference living on the second floor at Buhler did for his dad.

"He was in a place, at that time, where he was emotionally broken and physically broken, and they provided a unique type of care that helped him build back his confidence, and also cared for his physical needs. His disease was overtaking him, and the people here made every day the best it could be for him, and for that, as a family, we were truly thankful, and he was too, he mentioned that many times."

Dyck's widow, Irene, also added how much living at The Villages gave back to Peter, and he would be very humbled by this honour.

The former Manitoba MLA and businessman passed away in January 2020. Dyck entered provincial politics in 1995 as the Progressive Conservative candidate, and was elected to represent the Pembina constituency. Dyck was re-elected three times, and would serve as the MLA for Pembina and the renamed riding of Morden-Winkler until 2011 when he retired from politics.