Addressing rising education taxes on farmland is a key concern for producers heading into next month's provincial election.

Mitch Obach is the NDP's candidate for Selkirk.

"It's been an issue for a long time and I know the recent review of the taxation levels has had an impact as well," he said. "We brought in a 80 per cent rebate years ago and that's something that we would maintain."

Another key issue for farmers is climate change programming.

"Obviously climate change is an important issue and it's important to the NDP and it's something that we want to work with producers, producer groups, with farmers to come up with a plan that works in rural Manitoba as well as all of Manitoba," commented Obach. "We believe that keeping Manitoba Hydro public and keeping those costs as low as we can is a great way to help with some input costs but we know that farmers are the best stewards of the land that we have out there."

Infrastructure funding will also be top of mind for producers.

"Last election Pallister said that they would maintain a $500 million roads budget and they've cut that by $150 million. It's an area where they're not keeping their word and it's something that we will restore that $500 million budget," said Obach. "Obviously, eliminating the municipal roads and bridges program for a year and freezing operating grants to municipalities had a major impact. We want to put that emphasis on infrastructure and make those investments in roads and hospitals, schools, rural infrastructure. Reversing that 40 per cent cut."

Manitobans go to the polls September 10th.