Throughout the Pembina and Red River Valleys, evidence of the frequent freezing and thawing cycles can be seen on the streets and rural roads.

In Winkler, City Manager Jody Penner says the number of instances of freezing and thawing this winter is affecting the roads more than usual.

This has caused issues including potholes, and heaving on road surfaces. He said crews are working to fill potholes earlier than normal this year. 

Penner noted all of this is accounting for what seems to be more puddles along roadways and gutters.

Crews continue to work on opening up drains as needed based on weather conditions to try to keep all the water flowing properly.    

Main Street and Mountain Avenue.Part of the intersection at Main Street and Mountain Avenue in Winkler. Taken on March 14th.
Mountain AvenueMountain Avenue, just north of Winkler Elementary School