Members of Altona's new town council are settling into the new term. 
Council held its inaugural meeting this week under the leadership of new Mayor, Harv Schroeder.

"I'm very excited to be working with the next Council," said Schroeder, adding some great questions were asked during that meeting. 

The group will continue to go through an adjustment period as each member gets settled into their respective committee appointments. Click here for a full list of the committee appointments. 

Overall, Schroeder feels Council is made up of a well-rounded group of people. The new council includes incumbents Donna Rosling-Wolters and Jordan Siemens, along with newcomers Craig Smiley, Perry Batchelor, Tammy Braun and Cheryl Dueck.

"We've got Perry who has been our police chief, Craig who has been on the (Border Land School Division) school board and also works with the R.M. (Municipality of Rhineland). Donna who has been a long-serving councilor, and Jordan who is very knowledgeable. Cheryl has great insight through education, and Tammy who just loves to serve her community," said Schroeder.

Meantime, Rosling-Wolters has been selected to serve as the community's Deputy Mayor for the next twelve months. 

"This is Donna's third term as a member of Council, and I look forward to sharing her years of experience around the table in her new role," said Schroeder.